I’m back from Ghana….complete with a wicked cold….YUCK! I’m only just starting to feel human again after 2 days of traveling. I was hoping to write today but all I could muster was writing down some notes while I replayed the memories in my head.

Sorry I was not able to blog while I was there due to a lack of internet service! The trip was “full on” from the moment we got there until the day we left. I look forward to putting these memories into words for you to read!!

Stay tuned….more from me to come….including pictures!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!


Thank you all who donated on my behalf for the Ghana Paragliding Festival.

I have exceeded my goal which was to raise $1,000 by over 600 houndred dollars!!!

The Cloudbase Foundation thanks to all of the pilots raised over $8,900 for the kids in Ghana..

I am honored….

The winner of the raffle I put together is…Trevor Glidersleeve…great last name!!! Thank you Trevor… see you soon I hope!!!!!


Ghana Update0

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Finally… I have a confirmed ticket reservation to Ghana!!!

Looks like I’m really going..I’m leaving today. Three days later I should arrive in Accra if all goes well.

I have a 9 hour layover in JFK on Thursday if anyone feels like touring NY with me????? 🙂

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