Two years ago my sister and I decided we wanted to ride our bikes across the US.  The year 2020 gave us enough time to prepare and given the fact that I came up with the idea to do it when I was 20 AND that 20+20+20=60 AND I happen to turn 60 this year and my sister was 60 in the beginning of this year…you get it…the plan was hatched!!  Ok fast forward to now……my sister had her knee replaced, she’s out (Very Sad Face) but doing well (Happy Face).  I’m in Baja training when the Pandemic hit.  We decided to self isolate there instead of trying to travel home to the unknown in March/April.  So here I am now in Bishop ready to ride but because of the current state of affairs I’ve decided to postpone my 20~20~20 ride.  I’ve made the difficult decision not to go for many reasons, out of respect and concern for others as well as my own safety. I feel that it is something that is not necessary and with so many people going thru hardships right now, I just don’t feel right being out there acting like nothing is going on.  I imagine people feeling like they would prefer that visitors stay home for now.  I could be wrong, I could be paranoid but that is my decision right now as hard as it is.  Plus one of the biggest reasons for me doing this trip was the connections I was hoping to make with people along the way.  I’m sure there would be some but it just doesn’t feel right at the moment.  So I”m going with it.  There are so many wonderful things to do right here in my back yard while I stay home and respect others at this time.  Stay safe out there….

Hope to see you soon!