The Owens Valley XC Classic and National Championship event is less than a month away! The Owens Valley is an amazing place in the Fall – we’d love to have you join us. If you volunteer to help and you’re not a competition pilot there are opportunities to fly around your volunteer jobs. There are also hot springs, hiking and biking trails, and rock climbing. We are using a web-based Volunteer App:



Create an account by clicking the “Sign Up” link and filling out the form so we’ll have your info.

Then log in with your new account info to see what jobs are available and sign up for the ones that work best for you. The jobs you’ve signed up for each day will be listed at the top of the App and you can even print them out. (Please be patient with us, this is a work in progress.  Things may change as we shuffle around people and assignments as needed)

If you are a relatively new pilot and want to fly early and/or glass-off, then you should pick volunteer jobs up on launch.

If you are a more experienced pilot who wants to wind-tech or otherwise fly mid-day (Wind Tech’s must  be Ok’d by the Meet Director) then you should pick jobs in the morning and in the evening (such as helping with prep at HQ and on launch, cleanup, or party support).

Don’t forget that you can do different jobs on different days, if you want to fly and also experience the competition scene. If at all possible, though, please sign up for at least 3 days for any job (so there isn’t too much re-training).


We look forward to seeing you in the Owens Valley!

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