What is a Paraglider?

  • It is a foot launched aircraft
  • Fits into a back pack, easy to walk with
  • Convenient to travel with


What is a competition?

  • Top pilots from the US and internationally competing against each other and Mother Nature.


How competition works:

  • Daily pilots meeting on launch
  • WX Briefings
  • Pilot Meetings
  • Launch Window Open
  • In AIR – Start of the race
  • Pilots fly the Course line
  • Pilots fly to Goal
  • Cumulative scores for the week determine the winner


What happens up there?

  • Its like a game of chess in the sky
  • If your not going up your going down – always looking for lift = thermals!
  • Looking for visual clues
  • Other pilots, clouds, birds, dust devils
  • It’s a race


How is it scored?

  • Sophisticated instruments that give us information
  • Track logs, climb rates, time of day, distance to TP, air speed, wind speed and direction, ground speed, Alt needed to make goal, Alt above best glide,
  • All pilots are required to fly with PTD – personal tracking devices, which allow the race to be viewed almost live on your phone, tablet or computer!




Live Tracking

  • New technology allows organizers to know where each pilot is at all times
  • Safety advantage
  • Scoring – allows the scorekeeper to score “real time” vs. having to wait until the pilot returns after a long drive home from goal!


Daily Schedule – what’s it look like?

  • Meet at HQ @ 8 am each morning
  • First load of pilots leave staging area 8:30
  • All pilots/staff on launch by 10am
  • Pilots start flying by 12:00 end by 6pm approx
  • HQ close by 9pm


VOLUNTEERS and how they fit in

  • 125 pilots and staff need to get up the hill each day
  • Laps up and down the hill may be required
  • The road up launch – describe
  • What does retrieval look like – possible off road pick ups in emergency
  • We need large passenger Vans, 4×4 pick up trucks and utility trailers
  • Need volunteer drivers with radios, GPS, Cell phones, live trackers
  • We need people to fill job assignments through out the day. So if you only have a few hours in the morning or evening that could work or if you have the whole day to play and be a part of this that’s even better. The sky is the limit we like to say!!!


Volunteer benefits


  • It’s difficult to run a competition and not loose money. Along with sponsorship I’m looking for help from volunteers
  • However we understand this would cost people to do this so we have the ability to offer up to $$$ a day for people to help cover their cost.
  • The compensation will depend on a few different variables such as what type of trucks and a person’s availability for the duration of the competition.
  • We are looking for people to commit to the whole week if possible
  • Volunteers will receive: (some or all , depending on volunteer hours)
  • Event Tee Shirt
  • Snacks and Refreshments provided
  • Entry to all competition parties
  • Special thank you package


If you are interested and available to help out at all please fill out our volunteer page info and we will get back to you right away. Thank you so much!!!





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