Women ~ Wheels and Wings…..

A documentary about women’s empowerment through adventure travel. This, our first film will cover Gallup, NM to Santiago, Chile on motorcycles!!

Wendy Schuss,  the power house and brains behind all of this has put her heart and soul into making this happen and I’m honored to be part of this adventure….I think 🙂 ha ha ha!!!

Seriously though….we need help and have put together a Kick Starter campaign.  If your interested in helping in any way…   Click here!

Stay tuned and follow our Blog…. Click here!

Thank you so much!


Today was s beautiful day here in Bishop! I was able to get away for a sweet little hike.  It felt great to get out… Put some weight on my back… And get my heart rate up again without  feeling like I was going to die !!!

9 days to go before ” leaving on a jet plane” …:)




You have helped spread my wings…..

I continue to be humbled by the amount of support I’m getting for this amazing project  we are all involved in.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for this!  Together we will make a difference!

Deanne Woodring
Taggi Heinz
Ed Moore
Chris McCluer
Aaron Benedetti
Ken Manatt
Nancy Gormally
Ralph Hyde
Kathy Lee
Carola Lea
Steve Kroop
Cookie Ogilvy
Larry Daniels
Bonnie, Pete Reagan
George Morgan
Kathy Foist
Josh Belliveau
Troy Gustafson
Damon Cokenias
Kathy Copeland
Ron Hott
Alexandra Peters
Anne Bradley
Steve Smith
Paul Didas
Bubba Goodman
Tom Davis
Bob Gardner
Jason Coen
Robin Cushman
Kathy Renick
Remo Kutz
Deborah Bradford
Gene Hunter
Karl Chang
Lori Dirks
Claire Vassort
Jono Smith
Laura Whitehouse
CJ and George Sturtavant
Christapher Weigal
Zachary Ergish
Alvin Rains
Denise Reed
Marty Hornick
Mark Sanzone
Kim and Jay Browder
Heather Mull
Pete Reagan
Lynn Bently
Mathew Calladine
Len Zafran
Josh Belliveau
Walt Lockhart
Nils Davis
Shannon Moyle
Dan Wells
Kathy Duval
Nancy Davidson
Jay Busby
Terry and Linda Presly
Pam Spector
Judy Evans
Vivikanand Kini
Stephan Haase
Averette Lackey
Joe Nance
Frank Arthmire
Jon Kayyem Fiaz
Nikki Hewitt
Tony Rowell
Wayne and Paula Sayer
Joao Pedro Simonsen
John Harris
Kent Hudson
Fred and Rae Permenter
Diane and Jamie Moore
Sally and Bob Bermudes
Michelle and Ben Castle
Chris and Kris Wick
Greg Hunter
Tom Hampton
Linda McLary
Donna Webber
Sunrise Rotary Club Bishop
Taggi Heinz
Fred Lawley
Ross Bishop
Karen Holtman
Anne Cashner
Gary High
Lori Constan
Steve Kroop
SAR Travel Insurance
Hadley Robinson
Cort Flinchbaughs
Sam Crocker
Sarah Hudock
Kathy Copeland
Kelly Johnson
Carol Lanni
Square Trade Insurance
Jim Hall
Deena Campbell
Chris Asmonson
Beth Burgin
Sarah Kurtz
Ken Manatt
Mark West
Anna Kay von Dueszeln


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