I have just found out that I have been selected to be involved with a fantastic event organized by a philanthropic group of paragliding pilots who along with the Ghana Tourism Board put on a flying festival to raise funds for local charity causes.

I have included a link to their web page that will help explain the event better than I can within this e-mail.  I will also attach a great article written about last year’s festival if you want more to read.

In conjunction our group is working with The Cloudbase Foundation to raise money for local charity work.  Check out their web page to find out what these amazing groups of people are up to:

I am honored to have been chosen to fly tandem from an impressive field of International paragliding pilots.  Not only will I be donating my time flying tandem with the locals, I have also been tasked to raise charity funds.

For anyone that has been lucky enough to have experienced a tandem flight knows, this is the joy that we will be bringing to the local populace as well as some much needed funding and physical labor for a few local projects.

I would like to entice potential donations by raffling off a day of instruction in one of the following areas:

1) Full day of hang gliding or paragliding coaching/instruction.

2) Fully day of tandem instructional flight / yoga retreat.

3) Full day of kite boarding lessons.

(A full day being 4-5 hours)

The cost of an all day private lesson in any of these would cost approximately $300-$500.  The time frame to use my services would be one year from the date of the drawing, which would allow you to choose from any of the options.  All donations will go directly to the selected project to benefit the local people.

As news of tragic events happen around the world we can make a difference one flight at a time….

My goal is too reach $1,000.00 for the Ghana Charity if you’re interested in helping out and are ready to donate please read on.

Please go to the link below to donate.


Before hitting the DONATE button and after filling in the amount you want to donate PLEASE NOTE:

Under the Purpose line there is an option to:

” (+) add any special instructions” or “add note for seller”

Please add:


This will allow them to track where the donation needs to go and the pilot (me) whose name you are donating in.

When you will get your e-mail receipt of the donation (save for tax purposes), PLEASE forward that to me at and I will enter you into the raffle. My departure date for Ghana is April 20th and I will be running the drawing on the 18th and announcing the winner prior to my leaving.

Here is an example of the donation receipt. Yes, I donated for myself to make sure it works J.

Hello Karen Castle,

This email confirms that you have donated $10.00 USD to The Cloudbase Foundation ( using PayPal.

Donation Details

Confirmation number: 37R41451YP654813J
Donation amount: $10.00 USD
Total: $10.00 USD
Purpose: The Cloudbase Foundation
Contributor: Karen Castle
Message: Kari Castle Ghana

Recipient information

Donations coordinator: The Cloudbase Foundation
Contact email:
Contact Phone Number: 985-845-7901



Thank you so much for your time and support….there is so much help needed everywhere at this time…every little bit helps!!!  Thank you so much!!!

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